A few years ago I dipped into a season of anxiety and depression.  I felt like I was walking around in darkness with only small specks of light and short drafts of breeze to guide my footsteps.  I have wanted to write about this struggle because I know many others would be able to relate.

Soon, I am going to attempt to explain my story in further detail with the prayer that it might offer hope to others.

Still, Small Light.  By, Jill Szoo Wilson

A windy black across the sky rolls on

Above each fire stabilized in star

And quiet dipping under, keeping dawn

Inside a closet locked with chain and bar.

Too high to stall the tides from rising up

Too deep to catch a falling soul below

Each several current bitten and corrupt

By frosted night designed to light forego.

Through silent eyes she watches not to see,

But holding to an instinct whispering near

Whose guidance reaches in like fitted key—

She senses how to dodge parading fear.

Hold not to drifts whose flow bumps into night

But jump into the gusts hard speeding into light.

–Jill Szoo Wilson