Creative writing prompt: Write a poem about a child’s birthday party from the perspective of the piñata.

The Piñata Who Lived, by Jill Szoo Wilson

A pinprick deafening unsuspecting ears—

Exploding red, which first meant joy to spread,

Now shriveled rolls of breath-stained shreds appear

Amongst unlacèd shoes whose feet are stuck with dread.

Ebullient face paint sticking to the clown

In rows of water dripping round his nose,

A mural bright with mismatched colors drowned

Atop an ornery flower meant to hose.

Emblazoned candles flaming in delight

Survey a windless air whose fleeting state

Gives space to tip-toe down themselves in spite

Of inhalation drawn to extirpate.

Through eyes of hanging horse with sugar wedged

Deflated fetes are close disasters hedged!

Jill Szoo Wilson