(Photo credit: This poem was inspired by German artist Thorsten Dittrich‘s piece, On All The Ways VI.  http://www.thorstendittrich.de)


He found her with her eyes closed


Lids wrapped around

Pulled down

And dreaming

Watercolor dreams



He lived a life of comfort


Filled his form

Like an animal stuffed

Insulated from

The courage to explore



He held her at one end


Between fingers tightly wound

Stretching like elastic

Brittle with aging codependence

Afraid to loosen his grip



She was like a Rose


Yet gentle in her making—

Giving but not taking—

So he wore her pinned

To his jacket like a prize



He pulled one petal at a time


Scattered her around himself

Like confetti at his feet

Glimmering in sunlight

After a parade



She watched through rose colored


Wondering at his dance

As he tapped his feet

To the rhythm of his science

Letting his heart beat out of sync



She rested a while tired by the


Traveled in footsteps and

In smiles broadly sewn

To the walls of her soul

Like threads of a tapestry



He named his rationality


Suddenly like a thief

Holding a bag of gold

Heavy with secrets untold and

With her time and observations



She cut the rope between her


And the anchor he threw

Watched it sink

Until she could see it

No more, now



There at the bottom of the


And her sighs

Lay the anchor and

There on the water’s edge

Sail her heartbeat and

Her watercolor dreams.


copyright Jill Szoo Wilson