Do not rush

My love

To be at my side

While the moon is high

The tide hushed against

The nighttime sky


And do not enter where you

Should not go.



Come when the sun

Is dancing between clouds

And flapping wings

When birds sing to one another

Their notes dropping

Low to nudge the ears

Of waking children

Nestled between

Fathers and mothers, dear.



Make your way

Through busy streets

Paved with weariness

Lined with dreariness

In the eyes of

Disappointed souls

Whose dreams

Were caught in the chasm of

Time and long ago.



Wear the clothes

We sewed together

With cotton soft and

Buttons in places

Meant to keep you safe

And secure

Through hot and cold


When I could not be with you.



Send forth your words

On currents of wind

Raise them high

Let go

Watch playful rhythms

Rise and rescind

As you trust your voice

To the sky and my ear

To recognize.



Quake the edges of the earth

Where you know

My body stands

As a call to stillness

In my bones

Make my muscles moan

With anticipation

Of your presence

Flesh and bone.



Spare your hands

Of arduous work

No sweat or silt

Should soil your fingers

Or stiffen the skin

My heart sits in

The folds of your palm

Until, one more, you lay it gently

Inside my cavernous chest.



You have come—



But no rising sun

To warm the blood

Icing over

With a memory

I forgot and

Kept forgetting

Like a child

Panicked and sweaty

Waking from a dream

That should not be.



I see you there

My muscles do not dare

To move

From the place

That is my tomb

Under the sky

Where there is no you.



I can smell you close

Taste salty tears

Dropping from my fear

And the years rolling on

Without your jar

To catch them in.



I tremble with sin

Tied like a noose within

From atop the fissures

Of my mind where I climb

And hope to fall.



Today is like a


With no place new

To go and so—



I sit and pray

You will not rush

But I will stay



In the place where you left me

My heart in your hand



And the moon continues to glow.

copyright Jill Szoo Wilson

(This poem was inspired by artist Alessandro Sicioldr‘s piece, La Visita.  Website: http://www.sicioldrart.com  –  Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Sicioldr/)